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Top 5 Hottest MILFs on TV

Top 5 Hottest MILFs on TV

A MILF is the wine of women, only getting better with age. TV has seen a stark increase in the amount of on screen mothers that are stealing the affections of men of all ages. There is something about hotter older women that is just alluring to the opposite sex. It is also a testament to the actresses and the characters they are portraying that age doesn`t mean that their sex appeal is any less than the younger females they are sharing their screen time with.

So who exactly are the top 5 TV MILFs?

Courtney Cox in Cougar Town

Cougar Town actually embraces the idea of its lead character being a newly single mother who happens to be a total MILF. She plays Jules, who happens to have missed out on the fun and games of being young single and attractive since she was raising her child. Cue plenty of promiscuity that embodies the fantasies most males have regarding MILFs.
It`s arguable that Cox looks better in Cougar Town as a MILF than she ever did as a fresh faced Monica Gellar in Friends.

Natashca McElhone in Californication

Californiacation featured an on again off again relationship between lead character Hank Moody (X-files David Duchovny) and Natashca McElhone`s Karen Van Der Beek. A main plotline for the entire series, the two shared a young daughter and their fair shares of ups and downs.

One thing about McElhone was her striking natural beauty, which was necessary to help enforce the point that the main character simply could not live without her. Despite the countless sex scenes with very beautiful young (and older!) women that would be a mainstay of the comedy-drama series, no one character was as single-handedly attractive as McElhone.

Mary Louise Parker in Weeds

As if being a leggy, fair-skinned brunette wasn`t enough boxes to tick, Mary Louise Parker`s Nancy Botwin was also a badass who took a no-nonsense approach to her newly found career in popular comedy Weeds. The fact she could handle herself, knew how to use her sexuality and was a jaw dropping gorgeous MILF goes to show how great Mary Louise Parker is for snapping up such a role and owning it like no-one else could.

Lena Headey in Game of Thrones

Headey has been tearing it for five seasons as one of the most hated MILFs on TV as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones. While the all round evilness and her characters `close` relationship with her brother may be a detractor for some, you can`t deny she pulls of the seductive blonde better than most.

Her character is actually renowned for her (albeit fading) beauty that sees her regarded as the most beautiful women in the entire kingdom. Casting Headey to fill such a role shows just how perfect she is to play the hottest MILF in all of Westeros.

Sofia Vergara

Another character that was written to embody the idea of the perfect MILF, Sofia Vergara could not fit the bill any better. The curvy Colombian has set pulses running since her first appearance as Gloria Pritchett on hit comedy Modern Family, and has seemingly gotten hotter with age.

Vergara doesn`t really need much explanation as to why she is the hottest MILF on TV; one look at her is usually enough for most. She has an amazing body, always manages to look stunning no matter what she wears or where she is, and is just naturally beautiful. Oh and she doesn`t look anywhere near close to 43 years old.

The character is the personification of MILF, so why not get the hottest MILF on the planet to play the hottest MILF on TV? Makes sense to us.

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