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Mature Women Need Sex Top 7 Positions

Mature Women Need Sex Top 7 Positions

Some say, especially when referring to sex, that young age is wasted on the youth, but that`s not true: sex is for everyone, younger or older. There are also those who think sex is better when you are young. Wrong again! Sex is like the wine: it gets better with age. It might be less dramatic and involve less gymnastics, but experience and self-awareness certainly have their benefits.

So, if you are planning on having sex with a mature woman, don`t approach it with preconceived ideas: you don`t have to do it in the missionary position for her to feel good. There are plenty of other positions guaranteed to satisfy a MILF. Here are some of them:

Doggie Style

This is a sex position everyone knows. Popular among the youth, it is highly appreciated by older lovers as well. Mature women will certainly love it because it allows an intensive stimulation of the G spot and is a very pleasurable one.


If your partner shows such tendencies, don`t hesitate to allow her to take control of the bed. Her years of experience will certainly prove beneficial here. So, just lie back and be ready for the ride! The show will be well worth it!


Mature women love this affectionate side by side position that involves the man penetrating them from behind. Since your hands are free here, use them efficiently to stimulate her erogenous zones such as the breasts or the clitoris.


Place a pillow under her lower back and enter her by standing in front of her. As her pelvis is raised, the position gets more comfortable and satisfying, improving the penetration angle.

Time bomb

A variation to the `woman-on-top` position, the time bomb involves the guy sitting on a chair. Just make sure it`s a stable one! Things might heat up a little bit.

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