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How To Be A Perfect Toy Boy

How To Be A Perfect Toy Boy

Being a toy boy is often a dream of younger men. There is something quite alluring about an older woman - the experience, the confidence and of course the maturity. While a lot of guys will keep these dreams as fantasy, plenty make a concentrated effort to date a MILF.

Age disparities are nothing new in relationships, yet one of the most controversial ones always seems to be between older women and younger men. That`s not to say there is anything wrong such a relationship, in fact many men across many age groups are seeing the benefits and attraction of dating an older woman. Here are some tips for any would-be toy boys out there hooping to snap themselves a cougar.

Always be charming and treat her well

An older woman knows what she wants in a man more so than a younger woman who is still discovering herself. One thing you can expect an older woman to want is to be treated well. She`s been through enough relationships to know that the last thing she wants is to be spoken down to or not given the care and focus she wants.

She doesn`t want to be reminded of the age gap; many go for a younger man to feel youthful themselves. Charm her, wine and diner her like you are a young couple in their 20s. Be sure to mention how attractive she is, shower her with complements in fact, there isn`t a woman out there that doesn`t like to spoiled rotten and treated well.

Know what she would like to do

Lets` say you are in your 20s and your older female friend in in her 40s. What are the chances she wants to spend a night out drinking as much as possible at various clubs? Maybe going out for a few drinks in the evening will be appealing to her, but she will want to go somewhere nice and age appropriate. Focus your attention on what she enjoys doing. Women appreciate the effort being made to please them, and an older woman who sees how much time and effort you are making just to spend time with her doing something she really enjoys will certainly be impressed.

Cut out the bravado with your mates

To a young man who is dating an older women, it may just seem like a new exciting thing to try out, whether or not they are naturally attracted to older women. This mentality will rarely work out for them long term as they see it little more than a funny conquest. Most of the time an older woman will be able to judge this from a young man before they even get a chance to take things further.

Toy boys don`t go around bragging about how many milfs they have nailed. They appreciate and are attracted naturally the maturity and beauty that comes with an older woman - it`s the reason they are successful in dating older women after all!

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