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Gym Flirting How To Date a Fitness Freak

Gym Flirting How To Date a Fitness Freak

Whether you are a regular at the gym or have just stared working out, chances are you have come across some smoking hot people at the gym. It should come as little surprise, considering that many gym goers are fitness freaks who simply love to work out and get into great shape; it goes to show that all their hard work is paying off. Both guys and girls will have spotted an absolute gorgeous fitness freak, who has an amazing body and isn`t afraid to show it off. But at the end of the day it is still just the gym. Not a bar or club where you can approach someone and pull out your best moves to get some serious flirting on the go.

A fitness freak will be obsessed with working out. It`s their favourite past time, which is why they dedicate so much time and effort into working out. Simply going up to them an interrupting their gym time will not always end well. No one wants to be that creep at the gym that leers around looking for a hot person to hit on. First of all you should be going to gym for yourself first and foremost. It never hurts to do a little flirting while your there should the right opportunity present itself.

Be able to Read the Signs before Approaching

Fitness freaks don`t want to be interrupted in the middle of a work out session. You can usually spot someone who is very much focused on the exercise at hand. They tend to be wearing headphones to avoid being bothered and rarely look elsewhere to check out the action. Try not to approach in these circumstances as you will likely just annoy them and ruin any chances of getting your flirt on.

Actually Work Out

Going to the gym purely to try and hit on someone will never end well. Most regulars at your gym will be able to notice just how much you actually want to work out. If you spend most of your time chatting people up, you are not going to catch the eye of a fitness freak. Plus it must be said, you will want to be in good shape if you plan on bagging yourself a fitness freak, otherwise you may end up feeling insecure pretty quickly! Talking the positive steps to properly work out will only instil more confidence in your flirting skills.

Display Confidence

Let`s face it; there will be a fair amount of competition at the gym for both sexes, as there will be plenty ripped gym goers. Make sure to avoid looking arrogant and self-centred while trying to look confident - no one will be interested if you are walking around flexing all the time. Instead pay more close attention to the smaller details. Don`t be afraid to smile at a passing hottie, or make eye contact with someone who has caught your eye. Always be subtle with your confidence, people will pick up on it and you don`t need to worry about coming off looking big headed. Always say a quick hi to someone should you make eye contact. You want to come across as a nice and friendly person, plus it`s a great way to get a friendly bit of flirting started should they stop for a chat. Never do this in the midst of a work out though as you will look like you are desperately trying to impress.

Don`t Focus Your Attention on One Peron

There may be a certain person at the gym that you cannot stop thinking about, whether you know them somewhat or not. TO only focus your attention on them will not do you any favours impressing them. Be the person who is friendly to all the regulars, if you come across as pleasant and approachable person, a fitness freak will take not of it and not think you are there just to hit on them.

Talk About the One Thing You Know You Have in Common

This may sound strange but you have one thing in common with every person in the gym - working out! It`s a great ice breaker for staring a conversation with someone. Ask for a little advice on a certain technique or pay a complement to their form when working out. Be sincere, not creepy. No one wants a cheesy pickup line regard how good their ass looks! Pay a compliment to nice clothing they are wearing or cool accessories for working out. Speaking of clothing, look the part yourself! Obviously working out is the main priority here, but if you ever want to snag a gym hottie you can`t have your old tatty workout clothes!

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